Andrew: More Than a Woman

Andrew and I have been together for 2 and a half years. We're both in school, busy with outside projects and work. He lives almost 3 hours away. We're supposed to be drifting apart but but I find myself feeling closer to him now than I ever have.

I learn more about myself from talking to Andrew. I find myself in a new place and think "I can't wait to come back with Andrew." My brother's girlfriend told a dirty joke at a dinner party and I had to sneak away and email it to him. "What kind of bees make milk?" I ask him. A few minutes later, "That's lewd love." It was the response I needed to hear from him. 

I know this isn't the best song to go to for lyrics but "More Than a Woman" says what I've known all along: "I know that in a thousand years, I'd fall in love with you again."

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