Yo Yo Gurt 2 Ways

Andrew and I have our own patented yogurt topping recipes that we each swear are the most delicious ever (isn't that something to brag about?). I thought it'd be fun to post them both since they're easy to make and very healthy.

Yo Yo Gurt by Gina
makes enough to share with your true love
4 cups fat free vanilla yogurt (I like Stonyfield Farm Organic)

2 handfuls of dried cranberries
2 handfuls of pecans
2 tablespoons of Grape Nuts cereal

  1. Spoon equal amounts of yogurt into two bowls. Or, sneak a little bit more in your bowl. Andrew doesn't like yogurt as much as you do.
  2. Sprinkle cranberries, pecans and grape nuts cereal on top. The Grape Nuts may seem like a bizarre choice (and some of you may cringe at the thought of being seen in a grocery store with a box if you're under the age of 70), but believe me, they add the perfect crunch!
  3. Have a party, but be sure to keep your plate away from lil kittens. They love yogurt!

GhettoGurt by Andrew
serves me
16 oz. of store-brand fat free plain yogurt
a large quantity of plain Cheerios
all the honey from the eyes to the mouth of the little bear thing
3 "dashes" of cinnamon

  1. (Depending on whether you're using the first half of the container of yogurt or the second, this step may be easy or super-easy, respectively.) If using a new container of yogurt, spoon/shovel out roughly 1/2 of the container in to a large bowl. If this is your second serving, simply slam the yogurt container upside down in to the bowl. Be sure to drain that nasty water off first, nobody wants Cheerios soaked in yogurt sweat. 
  2. Stir in your large quantity of plain Cheerios.
  3. After you have a pretty consistent mix of Cheerios throughout the yogurt, put a second layer of dry Cheerios coating the top of the yogurt. Be generous, this will hold your honey.
  4. Squeeze honey from the little bear-container on to the top of your Cheerios layer. Continue doing so until your hand aches too much to continue, you run out of honey, or you become winded. 
  5. Finally, sprinkle your 3 dashes of cinnamon over the top of the honey/Cheerios layer.
  6. Enjoy, being careful to keep your delicious meal away from Ginas as it is a well-documented, scientific fact they will attack ferociously for a bit of honey. 


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