Library Links Ahoy!

Eleanor likes to watch TV, but I've spent my time this week reading some good blogs. I thought  I'd share a couple cool things I've read this week:

DUDES! Did You See the Library They've Got Here? by J. Byard Yoder on McSweeney's Internet Tendency

Dude, they've got the latest computerized catalog system—just roll right up to a terminal, type in your search terms, and it gives you a list of titles and call numbers, plus a little map to show you where they all are. Fucking Dewey decimal, man. It's tight.

I am the kind of person who really acts this way when they see a cool library (well besides the plans to wear basketball shorts and show off my tattoos while studying) but the satire is not entirely lost on me.

Yes I am a Digital Branch Manager, No I Do Not Regularly Build A Bonfires of Print Books in My Backyard & Dance Around it Wearing Warpaint by Bobbi L. Newman on Librarian by Day

I keep seeing the perception that by going digital, being aware of and, gasp! even using technology means that librarians and libraries are throwing aside traditionally services in favor of sexy new toys like Twitter.  That in order for a library to have a Facebook profile first we have sacrifice 100 books to the Social Media gods.
Bobbi is always on the cutting edge and this post is no different. She declares that to embrace technology is not to hate books.

Just thought I'd share! Read anything interesting this week?


Rachel Follett said...

Cute photo! Thanks for the links and thank you for your kind words on my blog. :)

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