Good Books

Here are a couple of (audio)books that I find myself referencing all too often:

1. What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis

I love this book. Jarvis takes a look at Google's business model and blows it up. He explores why what they do works and how the basic tenants can be applied to a diverse number of industries. I found it really accessible; I didn't need to know about about economics or technology to get what Jarvis was saying. WWGD? is the kind of book that anyone could pick up and find something useful.

Jarvis narrates the audiobook himself and says "Google Juice" enough to make you giggle.

Also, you can find more of Jeff on his blog and on the new podcast with Leo Laporte and Gina Trapani, This Week in Google.

2. Free by Chris Anderson

Anderson explores the history of free products and services and explains how the internet changes the basic structure of our economy. This isn't for the worst though, as Anderson stresses that free can be profitable. He has a lot of great examples that take you outside the obvious ad based revenue structure and you'll find yourself scheming new entrepreneurial businesses in no time. I found it the perfect remedy for my Google Juice withdrawal.

You had to expect, the unabridged version of the audiobook is FREE! ACT NOW! NO MONEY DOWN NO OBLIGATION! HURRY! Ahem, sorry. The abridged will cost you $18.99 on unless you have a membership.


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