Good Hair Day

Hair is a sensitive subject, especially if your hair is curly. Some people make political and social assumptions based on your hair styles and others will just make fun of you for it. I have battled my curly curly hair for years, pulling it back into buns, frying it with a straight iron or just loading it up with products hoping to keep the frizzing to a minimum.

Since I moved to Philly, I really lost patience with my hair. I was tired of worrying about my hair, of taking time away from my friends and family to fuss with it, all while watching people with straight hair simply run a brush through their locks and be good for the day. I didn't even own a brush. I know it was envy that motivated my change, but I have to say, it was definitely worth it!

Here's a pictures of me taken before I moved to Philadelphia, my hair all curly and long:

Don't I just look thrilled?

Yes, curly hair is beautiful. It's natural and it's unique. But it's just not worth my time. I have so many things that I want to spend my time on. Hair, makeup, etc have never been high on that list. So I decided that to make life easier for myself, I'd get the Japanese hair straightening treatment.

My straightening appointment was last weekend. The process was intense, I spent four and a half hours at the salon, watching dvds (Mall Cop is really funny!) and sitting under heat lamps. But the result was incredible. Here is my hair, no blow drying done, no flat iron, just air dried:

 Straight hair inspires jazz hands apparently
I had a bit of a personality clash with the stylist* who did my straightening, so I went to Nova Salon in Center City to get my cut redone. I am so happy I did. Mary Ann was a doll, she was patient and talked with me throughout the cut to make sure I knew and liked what she was doing.

For the first time, I can say that I love my hair. Straight haired girls you may find this post really shallow but I'm sure that those of you with curly hair understand. I did it! And so...can....YOU!!!!

*Personality clash = he was a pompous jerk and I was a customer who was unsatisfied with his work. "This is how your hair should look" he said. "But it's not what I asked for." etc etc add in some explanations that "this is a French method" blah blah ego blah


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