Howdy! I'm Gina Cacace and I just got my dream job at a library and moved to Center City, Philadelphia. Before that, I worked and lived in lovely New Jersey (I miss it!) and attended John Jay College in Manhattan (I don't miss it!). I'm also a graduate student in the Library and Information Science program at Drexel University.

Let me introduce you to the main players in my life. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend, Andrew, who is also my best bud. You'll hear about him a lot on this blog; he is always helping me test out new recipes and tech toys. I'm also pretty obsessed with him. Eleanor is my new kitten (named after Eleanor Roosevelt), who really is a co-author of this blog because she sits on my lap whenever I'm typing.

This may sound lame, but I really mean it: my family is awesome! My parents are a dynamic party throwing duo: my mom is a talented cook and my dad is a bass playing hip cat. They both work incredibly hard but make time to laugh; I learn something new from them everyday. My older brother Danny is a superhero; he is incredibly patient and is always willing to help out. He also knows everything. My younger brother Ronnie is a maverick. He runs, where he writes about working at a comic book store and includes lots of brilliant photos and observations. Little Freddy is the best. He is a scootering and all-around-hardcore-stunt-pulling prodigy who has amazing hair. You've got to admit, we're pretty sweet.

Now that we've got the basics who-what-when-where-how down, a bit more about my meat and potatoes:

I start each day the same way: with a bowl of cheerios and the news. I read the New York Times,, The Week, listen to NPR's top stories, check on CNN's latest tweets and updates on my subscribed blogs. I finish by paging through the latest New Yorker magazine (in print!). I thrive on being able to read multiple accounts of a single event, I love to pick out the inconsistencies and the prevalent themes. I like to read something new today that relates to something I read yesterday that will help me to understand something I'll read tomorrow. I'm usually so immersed in my reading that I forget about my breakfast and end up with a bowl of soggy O's.

Soggy cereal aside, I love to make connections and organize information in my head. My other interests seem to support this basic idea: I sew to connect pieces of fabric together to create something new and whole, I like to (try to) cook because I love to see how different flavors and ingredients work together, and when Andrew and I hike, we're connecting different points on the map to create a new experience of the area. Maybe that's a bit too wishy-washy for y'all but remember, my BA is in Psychology so I tend to have my moments.

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*The phrase piddles, twiddles and resolves is from the movie
1776. Did I mention I'm also a history geek? To the point that a musical about the founding fathers is in my top favorite movies. Please, please netflix this movie. You will hate me, but also be grateful.


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