3AM Activities

Not to pat myself on the back, but I am good at a couple of things. Sleeping and/or napping is one of them. But, I found myself awake at 2…3… 4 am this morning. Now that it’s six in the morning and I have to leave for work in half an hour, I am glad I spent my night doing the following:

  • downloading free samples of books I’ve already read for the new B&N eReader
  • creating new folders to organize my desktop
  • watering and/or talking to my plant
  • eating a nectarine
  • taking pictures of myself with Photo Booth eating a nectarine
  • downloading every Weakerthans album
  • reading every tweet from the entire weekend, twice
  • listening to TWiT.am

As you can tell, I am well prepared for this Monday morning. Let’s go!

Me, in better times

My ability to nap has been well documented, see the above picture from 2005.


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