23 is good to me!

This post is a bit late, (my birthday was August 10th) but I wanted to share all the fun!
Numbers are important to me. Numbers have personalities* and some numbers are good: see 2, 4, 15 and 36. And others just don’t feel good: 7, 19, 23, etc. So turning 23 was a bit undesirable for me. I would much rather be 22, it is such a nice number. But I guess I shouldn’t be too picky because so far being 23 has been going very well.

My birthday weekend started off with a solo celebration. My boss let me out of work an hour early and I took the afternoon to walk around Center City. I visited the Free Library and walked around the Rocky Art Museum. Then I did some shopping on Chestnut street and sat in a Starbucks for a bit reading and enjoying an Americano.

Saturday, Andrew and I went to Brendan T. Byrne State Forest (a new favorite of ours) and hiked a nice 6 mile trail from Pakim Pond. We stopped off at a local farmer’s stand and got fruit to eat along the way. Andrew had his first peach: “heinous.” We talked and chased frogs and enjoyed that satisfying crunch of pine needles under our feet (much better than the crunch of concrete!).

We drove home to Highland Park, where my mom made us a delicious chicken foccacia sandwich (in less than 10 minutes, I don’t know how she does it).

I got my present from my parents: a book stand for the bathtub! Andrew and I showed my mom our moonwalking skills and then I retired for the night.

Sunday was spent lounging. I got a new digital camera from Target and enjoyed watching my mom prepare dinner. Our friends came over around 5 and we had a nice big family dinner where I ate way too much. I got a giftcard to B&N and fancy shampoo and conditioner.

Then there were the cupcakes and coffee…that is where I really over-indulged. To the point where I was too nauseous to drive back to Philadelphia! So I spent the night at my parent’s house again and my dad was kind enough to drive me back to Philly at 5am. We got back to my apartment at 6:30 and I left for work at 7!

I didn’t think anyone at work knew it was my birthday so the day passed without much brew-haha. At 2 o’clock my boss asked me to go clean up the staff lounge, I happily went to the lounge (it was getting a bit messy, I thought) and opened the door to see the entire crew had assembled to eat brownies and celebrate my birthday. It was so surprising and sweet.

Andrew was waiting for me after work with a beautiful orchid that is perfect for me! We hung out and watched Hulu and chatted. We took a walk to get some bagels and spent the night laughing and growing older (well me at least!).

Thanks to all who made it a wonderful birthday. I feel so lucky!

*my favorite joke from 5th grade: why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7, 8, 9. I liked this pun so much that I drew a whole series of numbers with arms and legs and assigned them familial relationships and personalities. Be thankful I don't have a scanner or I'd have included my entire plot!


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