Ok I haven’t blogged in a bit. And believe me, there has been plenty to talk about! New job=awesome, new place=coolio and Philly in general is treating me very well. Here’s a quick recap:

1. I got an iphone. Lots of fun.

2. I developed a crazy constant craving for coffee and can finally finish a cup (or two!) see previous post (gina-licious fact #3).

3. I moved to Center City, Philadelphia.

More pictures of the apartment, still a work in progress: Move In Day on Flickr.

4. I started a new job at a medical school library as the circulation clerk.

The job is perfect for me. Gonna fly now.

5. I attended FredFest 2009.

More pictures on flickr.

6. I learned how to moonwalk.

Inspired by the street performer Andrew and I saw in Rittenhouse Square. He was alright.

7. I still have the best boyfriend. Andrew has been awesome! He helped me paint, pack, move and unpack all while not feeling well. We also went to Grounds for Sculpture and immersed ourselves in the delicious art.

It has been great to walk around Center City with Andrew. He has been bringing me fresh NJ farm produce, which is the perfect taste of home! Thank you for everything love!

I’m sure I left some things out…but it is 5:47am and I have to get moving! The library doesn’t open itself! =)

P.S. The title of this post reminds me that I still don’t have ketchup for my apartment.


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