On Sunday Andrew and I went fossiling in Big Brook. We brought our new waders that Andrew got for free off of craigslist (just happened to fit both of us perfectly!)

The waders were lifesavers. We were able to walk about the creek without concern for getting wet or muddy.

While navigating around a fallen tree, I saw what looked like a fossil sticking out of the mud in the creek wall. So of course, I climbed up to get it.

It took a good 15-20 minutes of digging with a trowel to get it out.

Hard to tell in the pictures, but that’s pretty much a vertical wall I’ve perched myself upon. And it was worth it!

Here she is all cleaned up.

Of course, Andrew went back to Big Brook on Tuesday and quickly upstaged me by finding a fossilized jaw bone (hoping not human) and a shark’s tooth. Hope he posts some pictures of them soon!


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