Oh What a Day!

Andrew and I had quite a day yesterday.

First, we went to the South Brunswick Library to celebrate Free Comic Day. I found this wonderfully horrible book:

Don’t get me started. Ok too late. My issues with it are as follows: “Creative” character names like Minerva and Magdalena. “Sassy” dialog like “Did I mention that my varicose veins are throbbing; that I’m as constipated as a mummy, thanks to my hemorroids, which make my bowel movements as excruciatingly painful as passing cacti, or that my bladder is squashed flatter than that last pancake you gulped down, resulting in my having to pee every ten minutes.” Entire chapters dedicated to pancake recipes taken from another book. Pointless descriptions like “economy package napkin.” I may be a bit too harsh considering I couldn’t get past the first two pages, but come on. Do they just publish anything these days?

On to more impressive things, like my younger and more talented brother Ron, giving a speech about the importance of comics and reading:

After eating my new favorite meal (Fugi Apple Chicken Salad from Panera) Andrew and I went fossil collecting at Big Brook.

We had a great time exploring and found a lot of cool fossils:

I found some cool broken bottles!

And this poor guy who got eaten by a moon snail, many millions of years ago:

More pictures of the lush Big Brook area can be found here and here.

After that, we visited Andrew’s campus to see the newly bloomed cherry blossoms. Andrew took this breaktaking photo:

After dinner we went for a quick walk around town. Quick because somehow we became convinced these two guys were following us…we had quite a paranoid day actually because at Big Brook I was afraid of dogs. Let’s just say someone put the idea in my head that a dog could potentially attack us.

Then we went home to finish up the first season of Lost on Andrew’s new 22 inch monitor:

What an awesome day!


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