The Beautiful Nothingness

I took Thursday and Friday off, pretty much with the intention of doing nothing. Things have been a bit overwhelming lately and though I have lots that need to be done, it is nice just to rest. I even took a NAP today.

Yesterday I spent the day at Andrew’s campus. It was his last day at Brookdale so we walked around, said goodbye to empty classrooms and favorite spots in the library.

(Unfortunately, there were no Starbucks on the way, so I had to get an iced tea from Dunkin Donuts. I don’t hate myself enough to drink their coffee.)

The weather was pretty crazy but once the rain stopped, we went to Thompson’s Park and took photos of the pretty flowers:

Andrew took this lovely photo of the sun setting:

And we acted like a bunch of Myspace nuts and took this picture (can you tell Andrew was holding the camera and aimed it toward me? He is very tricky.)

It was so nice to be there for Andrew’s last day. I’m so proud of how hard he worked and how patient he was while all his classmates were getting high in the gazebos, yelling at the teacher’s or flicking their girlfriends in the eye. Pride really doesn’t even capture how impressed I am by Andrew’s character and intellect. But he is tricky nonetheless!

This morning I took my mom out to pick out some flowers for Mother’s Day. I had planned on taking her to a nursery in Monmouth county but she couldn’t get away from work for too long so we went to Lowe’s instead.

I wanted her to get these but she said she was looking for purple or yellow flowers.

She got these, not sure what they are but so pretty!

This photo made it to the showcase on and if you scroll down you’ll see one of Andrew’s photos from yesterday made it called “Lincroft Dogwood.”

I’m realizing that the more I take pictures of flowers, the less I know about them. I really couldn’t tell an azalea from a rhododendron from a daisy. I will try to work on this but in the meantime… I’ll be lounging.


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