Beautiful Nothingness Revisited

Be careful what you wish for! Seems I inadvertently extended my vacation until Thursday, but now I’m following doctor’s orders rather than my own laziness. I don’t really have any answers yet as to what is going on with me (fainting, fevers, constant headaches and dizziness are not how I wanted to spend my mini-vacation) so I’ll just post some pictures of a project I worked on for my Mom for Mother’s Day.

I got followed the great tutorial made by Tamar of Nest Decorating and Designs. I really wanted to use my stash of fabric scraps from jcaroline for this project, rather than cut into my remnants so I changed some of the dimensions.

Tamar has you use 6”, 4” and 2” squares. I used 4”, 3” and 2” and it still turned out to be a nice big flower!

It was fun and easy to do, I think it took me 10 minutes total. I will definitely make more to embellish gifts for my younger cousin or as a quick pick-me-up present for a friend.


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