Starbucks VIA Wallet

As some of you may know, I took a sewing class this winter at Brookdale. I had a wonderful teacher who was so very patient with my perfectionism. In 8 weeks I managed to make a pair of pj pants, a pair of shorts and about half a robe. I’m still working on sewing the sleeves on my robe but I thought I might do a fun mini-project in between.

Since I’m obsessed with Starbucks new instant coffee VIA, I wanted to make a pouch so I could bring it with me to work or any place else I may need a fix. I found a great pattern on etsy by BreeLeeD and got to work!

VIA Wallet

It took me about an hour and a half total. I learned a lot of new techniques, like adding interfacing and using fusible velcro for the fastener.


The pattern is a great way to use the smaller scraps of fabric that I’ve collected. The outer fabric is from the Short Cuts section of jcaroline creative and I picked up the lining at Walmart at $2.97 a yard (will definitely miss the fabric departments after they close). The closure is made by using two pieces that I found in a bag of scraps for $3 and the button came with a shirt I got at Target. Thrifty!

Store your VIA!

Since the pattern is made for Tea bags, the dimensions aren’t ideal but I will be tinkering a bit to make it more VIA friendly.


I know its not much to brag about but I am definitely impressed with myself! Andrew and my mom immediately thought about ways to profit from my new skills: “How many can you make a day?” “You’re going to sell those on etsy right?”

For now I’m just happy I used the iron without burning myself. But I will definitely make more of these in the future.


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