Deep Cut Gardens: Disrobed

Andrew and I spent Saturday exploring Deep Cut Gardens, which was built as a retreat for Vito Genovese, the mafioso from New York who liked to vacation in Jersey.

Vito vito

As we learned about home compost techniques, we noticed a group of people our age walking awkwardly behind us. Soon, one of them had removed all her clothing as the others began to set up what we assume was a photo shoot. We may never know what happened that day, as we had already jumped a fence and escaped via employee-only roads. There are no pictures from that part of the trip. But, we did find this beautiful Parterre:


The steps leading up to the horticultural center had lots of nooks and crannies that looked perfect for sitting and reading a book or taking a nap!

Nooks and crannies

There was also a really cool pond that had some big bad koi in it:


After Deep Cut we had our usual fun of pancakes and starbucks. I stared longingly at the new leaf mugs that Starbucks has. I ended up getting some double walled white tumblers and a glass Bodem mug for Andrew:


It was a nice relaxing day, which probably explains the disaster of a trip we had on Sunday. More to come on that.


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