7 Gina-Licious Facts

What follows are 7 things about me you may not know, inspired by Heather Mulder on her blog Trends and Traditions.

1. I have my bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology. That’s not a CSI
degree or anything like Silence of the Lambs but I found it
interesting nonetheless. For some reason, I was really into writing 30
page literature reviews on femicide and other morbid topics. I started
my masters and realized that the professional and personal life that
accompanies a forensic psychologist was not for me (who wants to spend
their days interviewing prisoners who have been accused of killing
their wives?). Since then, I’ve toyed with getting a masters in
creative writing, journalism and library science. Who knows where I’ll
end up but let’s hope that one way or another its not prison!

Freeze Punk

Freeze Punk!

2. I once worked as a telemarketer. In my senior year of high school,
I needed money for gas (back when $3 would last me a week!) and a prom
dress. Despite my chipmunk voice, I landed a job at a telemarketing
place that tried to get people to donate to police and fire
fraternities. I made up a fake voice (sounded like a midwestern man,
but it worked) and actually sold some donations. I ended up quitting
after my manager sat me in the Spanish section and told me to deal
with it. I did manage to get a prom dress from H&M for $40.
Excuse the red eye

The red-eye was a deliberate fashion statment, of course.

3. I love coffee but I can’t seem to finish a cup. My boyfriend makes
fun of me for this constantly, he calls me a fake coffee lover. But I
really do love it! I just can’t seem to take more than a few sips. I
used to order my coffee light and sweet with hazelnut syrup but
decided it would be healthier to drink it black. I love the taste of
bold black coffee (or espresso, Americano is really my drink of
choice) but I can’t seem to ever finish my serving!



4. I have a drink named after me on a menu of a burger restaurant in
New Jersey: the Gina-licious.
One summer I worked at a burger
restaurant and spent my time making new drinks. My most popular was
pepsi with cherry and vanilla syrup (not my most creative but the one
that everyone kept ordering). When the new menus came out, I was

surprised and honored to see my drink had made the cut! Two years later and it’s still on the menu!

I didn’t name the drink, clearly.

5. I earned my varsity letter for track in high school by being the
team statistician.
I spent one season on the junior varsity track team
and got a stress fracture on my foot. The next season, I kept track of
all the meets and phoned the local newspapers to tell them the
results. For my sweet math skills and ability to waddle with a

clipboard, I earned a varsity letter.
Yes I need a helmet to run.

Yes, I need a helmet to run. The frisbee is optional.

6. I didn’t get my hair cut for over 6 years. I have very curly hair
and very particular tastes. So when a trip to the hair salon resulted
in a chin length fro-bob-massacre I vowed I’d never trust anyone again
with my hair. So for the next 6 years, I trimmed my ends every so
often and let my hair grow down to the small of my back. It was just
this year that I got up the strength to get it cut by a professional,

who was very patient and kind.

Before my haircut, my hair was longer than I could knit.

7. I’ve been questioned by the police twice because they thought I was a runaway. I used to take the bus from Union City to Port Authority and walk to Columbus Circle. This route was usually riddled with strange men who would leer and say creepy things. One morning, a man asked me if I was from America. I said, yes and kept walking. Suddenly, there was a badge in my face and more questions about who I was, how old I was, where I was going. Even though I showed 2 forms of valid ID, I had to go to the station with him while he filled out some paperwork. He claimed he had to keep track that I had been in Port Authority because I matched a profile of a runaway. Not even two weeks later, I saw the same plain clothes cop talking to another girl. As I passed he said, “WHOA WHOA How old are you?” That time, I wasn’t so cooperative.

I did run away once.

Ok so I did run away once, but that was 1990 and that headband was so cool then.

Hope you enjoyed your gina-education!


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