Free Stuff and Siblings

One of the companies on my floor closed their office and gave me boxes of post-it notes, highlighters and files. I also got a Xerox copier, a HP copier/fax/scanner/printer, two monitors and a projector. Before Andrew and I left on Saturday, Ronnie asked if he could check out the projector. I arrived at Starbucks to see the following tweets from him:

Ronnie: - Check out this sweet projector I got for FREE!!
Ronnie: - The projector in action, playing Hulk vs. Wolverine. Deadpool!
Ronnie: - Just got this projector for free. Lets fire it up!
Gina: @rawnzilla Um…I think you’re referring to my free projector?
Ronnie: @ginaaah that i got for free from you!
Gina: @rawnzilla That I’m letting you play with today for free. Is it working?
Ronnie: - It works!! Hulk vs wolverine

I know I’m being puerile but it is so hard to grow out of the whole “HEY GIMME BACK THATS MINE” dynamic. Oh brother!!


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